American Heavy Metal band Mortifex is the brainchild of vocalist Carl Crosswhite... aka CC Rock, aka Skull DJ.      

Mortifex was formed with one goal in mind, to produce an amazing Heavy Metal album... Mission accomplished!

 Forged in the fires of Priest, Sabbath, and Maiden... Cast in the vein of Anthrax, Testament, and Slayer... Then honed and polished, as if by the metal gods themselves, into one of the most original sounding Heavy Metal band to emerge in years! The Mortifex eight-song self-titled debut release is nothing less than a true instant metal classic. With its relentlessly tight, pounding thrash drums, soaring guitar riffs, intense leads, epic lyrics, original vocals, earth-shattering bass, and meticulous production. Each song comes complete with its own HD lyric video too. The album features:

Carl Crosswhite-Vocals/Drums/Guitar Arrangements (TALONZ FURY, TECHNICAL ECSTASY, DAMAGE INC), Gregg Carey-Guitars (AUDIOVANGELIST, INDUSTRIAL CORRUPTION UNIT), Oscar Rangel-Bass (ANNIHILATOR, OPERUS), Josh Seguin-Lead Guitar 

(PDP, MUTE THE SAINT), Greg Harrison-Lead Guitar (Hed PE, PDP), and was engineered and co-produced by

Chris "Wizard" Collier at CMC21 Productions (KORN, FLOTSAM & JETSAM, METAL CHURCH, FEAR FACTORY, PRONG).

The band logo, album artwork, and HD lyric videos were created by Andy Pilkington at Very Metal Art in London.

Mortifex "War Cries"

Mortifex "On a Mission"

Mortifex "Human Decay"


mortifex "distant shores"

mortifex "who are you"

Mortifex "Hallucinating"

Mortifex "Destiny"