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Full-Service Mixing and Mastering

Kronic Music provides Full-Service Mixing and Mastering. We offer a simple Mastering service where we take your final mix and give it that industry-quality sound that you need to compete with the big labels and artists. Prices are a flat rate of $50 per song. We also offer a more extensive Mixing and Mastering service where we take your raw audio stems and use our state-of-the-art audio process to bring your song or album to life. Prices for Mixing and Mastering are $100 for a 5-stem Mix/Master or $200 for a Full Mix/Master (up to 20 stems, +$50 for 21 stems or more). All audio stems must be a minimum quality of 44.1k/16-bit (48k/24-bit preferred). Audio stems must be submitted using DropBox or Google Drive. Send links to audio files to:

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