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100% Anonymous Ghost Writing, Recording, Mixing, and Mastering

Kronic Music provides unparalleled ghostwriting services for musicians, bands, and recording artists who are looking to take their careers to the next level. Our ghostwriting program is 100% Anonymous and Turn-Key, from Writing, Recording, Mixing, and Mastering. We work with many of the top artists and record labels around the world to help create the next big hit (But no one knows it). We have designed an absolute full-proof system that guarantees no connection to the parties involved after the recording sessions are complete. As far as anyone will know, you wrote, recorded, mixed, and mastered your songs by yourself. You will walk away with the only copy of the Original Master Recordings, completely and fully owned by you and only you. No more lawsuits and copyright cases over who owns it, who wrote it, and who recorded it, once your song or album becomes a hit. We have all heard of the horror stories about engineers, artists, and record labels, fighting over the rights to songs once they start doing big numbers in sales. Our proprietary ghostwriting service provides you with absolute confidence that you will never have to deal with these issues, EVER. We provide ghostwriting utilizing some of the industry's top recording engineers and recording artists spanning many musical genres. we specialize in EDM, Heavy Metal, and Hip-Hop, but also have extensive knowledge and experience in Rock, Reggae, Punk, and Ska to name a few. If you already have your song ideas but lack the equipment, knowledge, or skills to make your musical dreams come true, we are here to help. We have been using this proven method for years to produce amazing music for many musicians with guaranteed 100% anonymity.

This proprietary ghostwriting method has provided a needed launch, relaunch, or "kick start" to the careers of many artists and record labels from around the world.

Here's How It Works

1. Go to the app store and download the SIGNAL app. Signal features state-of-the-art end-to-end encryption (powered by the open-source Signal Protocol) keeping your conversations secure. SIGNAL can't read your messages or listen to your calls, and no one else can either. Privacy isn’t an optional mode — it’s just the way that Signal works. Every message, every call, every time.


2. Send a message on SIGNAL to Kronic Music (407-963-7625) with all the details of your project, If you are unsure of exactly what your project requires, that's fine too, we are here to guide you through the entire process. No worries! Send the SIGNAL message using the 'Sealed-Sender' format, ensuring your complete anonymity. 


3. After the initial consultation, you will be assigned a studio session date(s). Recording sessions are held in Central Florida (USA) in the Orlando area, or in Southern California (USA) in the Los Angeles area. Please choose your preference of recording locations in the SIGNAL conversation. Specific address and details will be given to you then. You will be responsible to appear at the given recording location on the assigned date. You will also be required to bring with you a (minimum) 5 Terabyte external hard drive (MAC formatted). ALL project files, including lyrics, session recordings, master recordings, and anything else involved will be EXCLUSIVELY on your hard drive. You will also be responsible to provide your own place to stay while in town if multiple day sessions are required. There are many great attractions nearby depending on your choice of recording locations including, Hollywood, Universal Studios, MGM Studios, and Disney World or Disneyland, as well as beautiful beaches near both recording locations.

4. Upon arrival to our state of the art facility, we will immediately get to work crafting your next musical masterpiece. Your external hard drive must be password protectable, so if multiple sessions are required you will be confident that all project files will be secure. If multiple recording session days are required, your password-protected external hard drive will be left at the recording studio. Upon completion of the project, you will pay for the sessions, at the predetermined amount. All payments must be made in CASH in United States Dollars. To guarantee all anonymity absolutely no other forms of payment will be accepted. You will leave the studio with your hard drive, all your musical project files, and the security of knowing no one will ever know you did not write the songs. No information or names are ever exchanged, no contracts are ever signed, and no material involving your project exists anywhere in the world, except on your external hard drive. All evidence of our interaction will disappear when both parties witness the deletion of the SIGNAL chat involving our entire interaction. That's it, You're Done! You will be on your way to your musical success with some amazing new music for your portfolio! Don't Sleep, Message us now.


Is ghotwriting iilegal?

No. Musical ghostwriting is not illegal because it does not violate any laws. It is an acceptable practice within the music culture as long as the ghostwriter does not plagiarize the client's work. The ghostwriter completes tasks at the consent of the client and does not dictate how the papers will be used.

do you provide studio musicians?

Yes. Most of our projects are completed using 100% royalty-free digital samples. If your project requires live instrumentation (i.e. Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocalists, etc) that cannot be provided digitally to your satisfaction. We can bring in world-class, experienced studio musicians at an additional charge.


We provide simple, haggle-free pricing at a very competitive rate. 

$2400 per song, up to 4 minutes in length. $150 for each additional minute per song. (i.e. if your song is between 4:01 and 5:00 you will pay $2550, if your song is between 5:01 and 6:00 you will pay $2700, etc.) Additional studio musicians are booked at $100 per hour, and typically take 1-3 hours per song depending on song length and project requirements, but can run longer. An exact cost estimate of the entire project will be provided before the project is started and before any studio musicians are booked. Lyric writing is an additional cost and can be provided at a cost of $200 per song. Additional services can also be arranged including copyright registration guidance, tips on artist and label branding, touring, and many more to list. Your future awaits message us now.

Is it cheaper without mastering?

Yes. Top-notch mastering is included with all our projects, but if you feel like you want to have it mastered elsewhere. A discount of $200 is given off of the cost of each song. But we feel confident that you will be blown away by the finished product if you do your song mastering with us.

are your studio and engineers Covid-19 safe?

Yes. Our engineers and studio musicians are tested regularly, and a recent Covid-19 test result can be provided on the day of your session. Additionally, the entire recording facility is cleaned and sanitized thoroughly each day. Masks and social distancing are required by all parties involved in all recording projects. You can feel safe knowing that we take all precautions to ensure a safe and happy recording session, Always. You will also need to provide proof of a recent (within 24 hours) negative Covid-19 test. Rapid result  Covid-19 tests are available at either airport you will be flying into, either LAX (Los Angeles) or MCO (Orlando).

any additional questions can be answered once you message us and start a conversation

We also offer standard Mixing and Mastering of your Music too, seperate from our ghost-writing services. Text us for Rates at 407-963-7625

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