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CC Rock's second album "Nu Revolution" released in 2003. Featuring 13 original EDM mixes from CC Rock, plus a bonus mix from Influx 1. The songs are in the EDM sub-genre of Nu Skool, Electro, Funky, Breaks, and all released on his record labels Kronic Underground Records and AD6 Records (KUCD002). Includes music from CC Rock, HyperFunk, Wildhouse, Procreation, Gypsy Sun, Datapusher, and Kid Okie.

CC Rock "Nu Revolution" (Supersonic Samples Mix)

CC Rock vs Kid Okie "Can You Dance?" (CC Rock's Kronic Funk Mix)

Wildhouse "Without You" (CC Rock's Viscious Remix)

CC Rock feat. Leaha McMaster "Mind Your Mind" (Original Vocal Mix)

Datapusher "Unify" (CC Rock Remix)

CC Rock "Get Up" (Neutronium Mix)

HyperFunk "Pump It Up" (CC Rock's 2003 Remix)

CC Rock "Blow Ya Mind" (Lunatic Bass Mix)

CC Rock "Electronic Music" (Bass Bomb Mix)

Datapusher "Unify" (Influx 1 Remix)

Procreation "Try To Live" (CC Rock's AD6 Remix)

CC Rock vs Kid Okie "Where Are You?" (CC Rock's Feel The Remix)

CC Rock "Energy" (Off the Hook Mix)

Gypsy Sun "Home Computer" (CC Rock's Funky Nu Remix)

℗ & © 2003 Kronic Underground Music

CC Rock "Nu Revolution" (Digital Download)

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