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A continuous mix of Intelligent, Nu Skool, Breakbeat dance music mixed by CC Rock. Faturing 15 songs from artists like Breakfastaz, Control Z, Autobots, Ed209 vs Long Range feat. Phil Hartnoll,  Mutiny, Backdraft, Baobinga, 30Hz, Deep Impact, Odeed vs Wish, Dranged, Baitercell & Shumacher, Quest & Odissi, Vinyl Junkie & Austin, Amnexiac, Xim & Bass, and CC Rock. Released in 2006 on Kronic Underground Records (KUCD003). Physical CD with full color printing in a jewel case and shrink wrapping. Comes with a FREE Kronic Music sticker too. FREE SHIPPING. Tracklisting:

Backdraft feat. 24k Gold "R U Ready"

Quest & Odissi "Fetish"

Odeed vs Wish "Top Dawg" (CC Rock's Sweat Leaf Remix)

The Breakfastaz "The Pressure"

Mutiny "The Distance"

Autobots vs Screwface "Flesh Eaters"

Amnexiac "Convictions" (CC Rock Remix)
Ed209 vs Long Range feat. Phil Hartnoll "Dr. Hoover"

Baitercell & Schumacher "What's Down Low" (VIP Mix)

Dranged "Face First for Evil" (CC rock's Poison Floor Remix)

Deep Impact "Six Million Ways"

Baobinga feat. 30Hz "Jack Ya Body"

Vinyl Junkie & Austin "Check It Out" (Control Z Remix)

Xim & Bass "Out of the Blue"

CC Rock "Turn It All Around" (AD6 Remix)

℗ & © 2006 Kronic Underground Music

CC Rock "Breaker Box - Volume 1" (Physical CD)

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